The Good & The Bad as the customer


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Cool The Good & The Bad as the customer

Since the forum is rather slow with troubles, I see no reason not to start a good old fashion discussion. I'm interested in your horror stories and happy stories concerning technical service with your phone service. Not so much about how high your bills are, calling plans or being sold anything you didn't want but more so on the technical end of things.

For instance, have you ever had a phone guy come to your home/business who didn't shave, dressed like a slob, smelled like they had just been swimming in a pool of beer and wouldn't know what phone was if you bonked him in the head with one?

On the other hand have you ever had one come out who was very professional, really slick, quickly identified the problem and made you happy even if you were really upset before even if he didn't fix your problem?

I personally know techs in both of the extremes. I think every phone company has both. I knew one guy who didn't last long that fit the first description to the letter. We used to call him "IGGY" short for the name Jim Ignatowski from the television show Taxi. He was one of my trainees. I will never forget when I took him to one customer and they didn't really understand English very well. Normally as techs we announce ourselves with the customer and state that we are the phone company and generally give our little greeting and such. Well, this particular customer didn't understand "Phone company" so his solution to this was to use the universal thumb and index finger to his face and shout PPHHOONNEE CCOOMMPPAAANNY!!!!! I guess his philosophy was if they didn't understand, make a hand gesture and say it louder. That must break the language barrier even if they have to cover their ears.

As far as the professional type I know those as well. Myself for instance Heeehee. Actually there are many many more that are very professional than not. A few do stand out above the rest though. There is an inside guy I know if I can figure it out he will. He is great to work with and the best that I have ever met.

So, I gave you some examples but from the techs point of view. I would like to hear yours as a customer. Things like this should make for some interesting posts at the very least. Most everyone should have some story to tell. Please make sure we keep this clean and respectable. I do not want to delete or edit posts, I just want to try something fun. Also, please lets leave real names of particular people out of it as well.

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Oh boy, I think Phonetek may have hit his head a little too hard. What kind of snake's den are you trying to open here Phonetek???

Nah, like you say, most techs are actually professional and good at there jobs, but there are those few. Most of the time they get weeded out real quick (no, not the wacky kind, I mean by the boss )

I'm sure I've got some good tech stories, even from a customers point of view (especially those phone guys.) Being an alarm tech, I always butt heads when it comes to phones. Two words guys: LINE SEIZURE - how hard is that??? Yeah yeah, policy smolicy. Most of the non-techies out there probably have no idea what I'm talking about by now, so I'll move on.

I've actually had techs come to my humble abode that I had to show/tell them how to do their job, because they just couldn't figure it out. This includes phone techs, as well as the cable guy and even computer "experts" working on access systems (this was actually before I started working the home security industry and was a mere security guard.) Don't get me wrong, I've also had my moments where I just completely stopped thinking and someone had to tell me what to do, but that only happened once and I'm better now (yeah right.)

Well, enough rambling, it will definitely be interesting to see where this discussion goes. Phonetek, I may have to take you up on that offer and help out after this topic gets going...

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Don't let this topic ruin em for you
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OUCH! It hurts to laugh that hard! That's the whole point during the holidays is to have fun. As long as nobody gets too mean this should get very interesting. Hopefully I won't need your help editing and deleting. As far as hitting my head to hard... maybe but I don't really remember. However, I have been know for helping to throw some chum into the shark pit every now and again. Heehee.
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