Wiring an additional telephone jack

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Wiring an additional telephone jack

I am trying to wire an extra telephone outlet in my living room.

When I hook my lead to my new jack into the junction box in my basement where the phone line comes into my house, I get a loud buzzing on the telephone that I plug into that jack. However, if I hook those same leads to an existing phone jack (I plug a phone cable into the jack, cut off the free end, strip the wires, and then splice this to the lead to my new jack), my new jack works just fine. I've traced the cable from this existing jack directly back to my junction box, and didn't see any splits, junctions, filters, or anything else strange. Any ideas why hooking into my existing jack works while hooking directly into the junction box doesn't?

Someone in another forum suggested I connect a jack at the service connection point using the Red/Green jack terminals and test the jack connection by plugging a telephone into the jack. I've created this test jack set-up and still get the buzzing sound.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
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Buzzing on a phone line is usually because of a grounded circuit. What type of interface do you have? Are you sure you're connecting to it properly? Are you sure you're connecting to the right interface? Do you get a dial tone at all? If the other jacks are working properly, then it has something to do with the way you are connecting to the interface (that is, you don't hear this buzzing on the other jacks.)

Try this, hook up everything like you want it. Test your jack, see if you hear the buzz. If so, try the other jacks to see if they too are buzzing. If not, you're not connected to the same line or it may have something to do with the phone you are using on that jack.

Good luck!
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It sounds like you may not be hooking up to what you may think you are. If you have two telephone lines in your house you may be hooking up across both lines (one wire from each). At your interface box your first line will be the White/Blue Blue/White wires or they may be Red and Green. Your second line will either be White/Orange Orange/White wires or Black and Yellow. Make sure you are either on one pair or the other pair. If you hook up between two lines and plug a phone in you will short them both out and either have no dial tone at all, double ddiiaall ttoonnee or severe buzzing. The other things that may cause the buzzing is as safewatch said, either the phone your using may be shot or the wires leeding to the jack could be grounded out somewhere. Lastly, look into the telephone jack itself. You should see nice shiney gold pins inside, if you see any blackish green stuff in there the jack could have been exposed to moisture and started shorting together. You may want to check that phone cord your plugging in as well. To test the phone, take it outside and plug it directly into your line at the interface box. If you have buzzing there, try another phone. If you have the buzzing there no matter what phone you use its the line outside, if you only have it with one phone its probably the phone itself.

Check it out and let us know! hope this helps!

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