Rewire telephone jack for 2nd phone line

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Rewire telephone jack for 2nd phone line

Can you tell me how to rewire a phone jack for a 2nd phone line?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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A little more info needed


Can you give a little more information about your need for the 2nd phone line? Your answers will help guide us to a solution for you.

1. Is the 2nd line already active from the phone co.?

2. At the jack, do you want:
(a) 2 separate ports/connections, one for line 1 and the
other for line 2?
(b) Do you want both both lines coming into the same port?

(Some 2-line phones require option (b) in order to work correctly).

Please post back and we'll go from there...

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Rewiring phone jack for 2nd line

No. The phone company is supposed to come out and activate the 2nd phone line tomorrow. I was told that I needed to rewire the jack for the 2nd line and that it was a matter of swapping 2 wires. Unfortunately, I have forgotten what colors they told me to use.

Ultimately, I would like to wire it so that we could use both phone lines in that room, however, due to my short time period to rewire the jack....I had better go the easiest route.

Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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OK. Here goes.

Since you already have an existing line in the location you want, it "should be" pretty straightforward.

The following link has a great explanation on exactly what you want to do. SafeWatch has included this one on a number of other posts in this forum for other phone wiring questions:

Your existing phone jack may have 2 pairs of wires, or it may be CAT 3 or CAT 5 cable that has 3 or 4 pairs of wires. Whatever it is, the existing phone uses only one pair of wires. One is the tip(usually the green wire), and one is the ring(usually the red wire). If you want to make 2 ports at the existing jack, go to Home Depot or some other home store and buy a jack/outlet with 2 phone connector ports. Connect the existing line wires to the red and green wires of one of the ports, making sure they correspond to the original color combination. (red-red, green-green). If it is CAT 5 cable, this color combination may be blue/white and white/blue.

Now, to connect the second line, connect the yellow wire(if it is the old 2-pair type) to the red connector on the second port, and connect the black wire to the green connector. Again, if it is CAT 3 or CAT 5 cable, then use orange/white to the red connector, and white/orange to the green connector.

This second pair of wires for the second phone line will need to be connected to the new phone line activated by the phone company at the Network Interface Device. The existing wiring in your house may connect straight to this device, or there may be an additional connector block in your basement where multiple phone lines attach to it. Do you know how yours currently connects? This will be the last step (or the first, depending on which way you want to work it!).

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any additional questions.

Good luck.

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Thank you!!

Thank you for the information. The phone company (Qwest) made an error and won't be activating the 2nd line for a few more days. This works for me because I haven't had time to rewire the phone jack.

I am 100% sure that I won't have any problem at all considering the excellent instructions that you have been so kind to provide.

This is the absolute BEST web site I have ever found. When my dryer broke I found this web site. That repair cost me under $7.00. When my garbage disposal stopped working and wouldn't reset...that cost me an e-mail and the twist of an allen wrench!!!!

Without you guys......I would probably have had to purchase a new dryer, garbage disposal and pay the phone company to do what I could do myself with a little instruction.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I'll let you know how it works out.

Thanks again.

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Your jacks are probably already wired for 2 lines (some are, some aren't - depends on who put them in and how lazy they are - or what work has been done to them since.) If they are wired already, then just get some 2-line splitters from Home Depot or pretty much anywhere. This gives you the option of connecting single line phones to either Line 1 or Line 2 and 2-line phones to Line 1 & 2. If your jacks aren't wired for 2 lines, following LewMac's directions, you can wire it up for 2 lines easily. Just keep in mind that the Green/Red in the jack is for line 1 and the Black/Yellow is for line 2. Make sure the phone company tells you which wires they are using for the second line at the NID.

Good luck!

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