Adding 2 more Jacks directly from outside Telco box


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Adding 2 more Jacks directly from outside Telco box

Hi... Here is my problem first and then my questions.

My mother lives in a older brick home with plaster walls, with no basement. She had 3 phone jacks in her house but did not have inside repair coverage when all her phone jacks stopped working. The telco came out and installed a new telco box on the outside of the home (the old one bit the dust) and they only wired in the kitchen wall phone jack and refused to do the rest without charging her hefty fees.

The phone wiring for all 3 jacks where originally ran on the outside of the house with entry holes going to jacks located in the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room. (none where piggy backed off of each other, there is three cables running around the outside of the house, two were never reattached to the new telco box, he just snipped them off near the telco box

I wish to route brand new wiring on the outside of the house just as it was routed before and install 2 brand new wall jacks inside to replace the old ones. (the kitchen phone jack & wiring is fine)

My question is... Can I run the 2 addtional sets of wires right to the inside of the newer type telco box outside and use the same terminal screws inside it that also have the kitchen phone wires currently under them and what should I do with the 2 extra wires from each of the 2 new cables at the telco box since she does not have a second phone line, should I just connect them like she does have a second line, if there is 2 more terminal screws for a second phone line inside the telco box, and if it is not there what is the best way to cap the ends of the 2 unused wires from each of the 2 new jack cables. I already know to wire up each of wall jacks inside with all 4 wires in the event that someone wishes to add a second line on later, then the jacks will be ready at the wall at least.

I have looked all over the internet to see if I could find something that says it is ok to run 3 sets of wires and place them under the same 2 terminal screws. I think they may call this a Topology setup, and doing it this way allows you troubleshoot better in the event that one inside jack or if that jacks wiring goes bad, it is easier to locate and repair since it will not affect the other jacks.

Thank you for your time and answers
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Yes, you can just run all the wires back to the NID and connect them on the same terminals. Of course, make sure you connect Green - Green, Red - Red. The Black and Yellow are optional. I would recommend connecting them at the jacks, as you mentioned. But, the NID connection is not necessary. It's easy enough to connect them later if the need arises. You dont' have to cap them off in any way, just make sure you don't have bare wires coming out of them. Typically, what most techs do, is to take the extra conductors and wrap them around the wire they come out of. But, even that is not necessary, it's mostly done to get them out of the way. When you get several wires feeding from one box and a bunch of extra conductors running loose in there, it can get to be really messy.

Good luck!
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Thank you for the reply. I wanted to make sure it was ok to do before I did it and I will keep the extra 2 wires from each jack cable at the NID box end out of the way of the others.
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