Wiring: cable, telephone, ethernet??


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Wiring: cable, telephone, ethernet??

This is new house construction questions. The electricians take care of all that. We are taking care of the cable and telephone wiring in the house. We'd also like to wire so that we can switch to cable internet sometime soon and network two computers to share the cable internet and printers, etc.

The house is a factory-built home. We had combination telephone/cable box installed in every room (just in case). They just run a drop-wire(??) from each box down to basement, so it's easy to run wires.

We ran telephone and cable in our last house, but technology changes and we want to use the newest so we aren't outdated before we start. We have never networked computers, so that will be a whole new adventure. Now, is there a website with basic instructions on how and what to do or not to do with all this wiring? Or a publication to buy?

I've read and printed any of the posts that I thought might help, but the terminology is a little confusing. We are quite capable do-it-yourself people, but need guidance in this area. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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<a href="http://www.ac5r.org/cat5.html">Take a look</a> at what Chris (one of our moderators) has done with his home.

The most important thing is to make sure you have at least RG-6 coax cable (2 to every cable box and 2 outside), and at least Cat5 for all of the phones and network (again, 2 to every box.) If you do that and run all the boxes back to a central location (the wiring closet, we call it), then you'll have the freedom to connect and network computers, run DSL/Cable/whatever new technology to every computer and every box in the house, run and share Satellite TV, etc.

Good luck!

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Thanks. That was a quick response. I've printed out everything from Chris including jpeg's. Now we have something to understand and plan before we run around confused. You'll be sure to hear from me if/when we run into difficulties.

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Wiring for Internet Sharing


Over the years I have wired 6 computers throughout a rancher with a basement. Here is what I have learned after all the work:

You never have a wall outlet exactly where you want to rearrange furniture, so you have to have visible LAN cable tucked behind something all the time.

Finding a bad wire (it happens after a few years with remodeling and routine upgrades) is very difficult and pulling a new wire once you have found the bad one is no easy task.

Looking at the punchdown connections is very confusing and looking at them a year from now will be more difficult when it is not fresh in your mind.

Why not reevaluate your situation and entertain going wireless. You can get a wireless router with a print server and two wireless cards very reasonably priced now. When technology changes in a few years and you want even faster speed, toss the old stuff out and buy new. You won't have to worry if CAT5 will still be good enough, and you won't have the hours to run upgraded cable later.

Sooner or later you will regret having a wired system -- that was neat in the 80s and 90s, but not the most efficient way to go now.

As far as the telephones go, buy one or two cordless phones and don't worry about cabling an entire house. You can leave the handsets anywhere you go, and just cradle them at night for recharging.

Give it some thought.

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Thanks for your input. I will give a serious look at wireless. We only have two computers and the main reasons for networking them is to share the printer, share files, and share cable internet connection.

I know what you mean by wall outlets never being where you want them. This is the third (and last) house we've had built. I try to carefully plan for electric, telephone, and cable outlets in the design, but sooner or later something is still not where you end up needing it.

Do you happen to know of a website that explains a wireless system and what is needed?

Thanks again.

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Thanks, Gary. I'll check it out and see how far I get before I'm totally confused.
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Here is another good site.


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Thanks. I'll check it out.
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