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Can you help with a phone jack question? What make the clear part of the phone jack become like jelly? It it where the wires are meeting the modular plug in? Is this due to a voltage problem or short, or is it some kind of protectant the phone company puts on the wires? The jack is only 3 years old.

Also I would like help with the lay out of the outside gray box that the phone line starts into the house. There are four screw connections. Are these connected like the jack inside the house, Top left GREEN Top right RED Bottom left, BLACK and Bottom right YELLOW? I Assume from this point of the box to the wiring inside the house It is not the phone companies responsibility.
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From the NID (gray box) on inside, the wiring is not the telephone company's responsibility. Nevertheless, they will come work on it for a princely sum.

The wiring pattern should be the same throughout the house.

The soft connector may have been made that way. If not, melting one would require heat from somewhere. A short would have likely burnt out somewhere with an attendant failure. If the plastic on the connector is soft, something must have gotten on it to break down the plastic. Something akin to acetone might do it. You can buy replacement cords at Radio Shack and the HD - lowes sort of places.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you

Thank you for your help. the area that was soft and like jelly was on the female side for the phone jack, it was where the wires come from outside into the jack prior to where you plug in the clip in cable that goes to the phone. I have replaced one, and also got into the gray box. The phone company just connected service to this older home, I found the black wire was just hanging out in space. Thank you again, connected the black wire and all is well THANX

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