parental controls for home phones

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Question parental controls for home phones

Is there some device that can be used to prevent your teenager from using our home phone when she's not suppost to. I have reason to believe she's on the phone with her friends after I have gone to bed like the sensible breadwinner I am!

Parental controls with my internet provider works they have such things for regular phones?


A concerned mother
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Take the telephone out of her control or out of her room.
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parental controls

Besides removing the telephone entirely, the only thing I can suggest is call curfew, a programming feature provided by the telephone company. This feature allows you to determine when you can make and receive calls. Works great! and not expensive.

Girlbuilder (telephone tec)
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I have the same concerns that you have. This is what I've done, but I am not sure its failproof.

I have only one phone jack in the entire house, in the kitchen. To ease that 'pain' its a cordless. I keep the phone itself in my bedroom next to the bed at night so she won't sneak the phone in her room.

I also have learned to keep my cellphone in my room as well.

I tried using a corded phone for awhile so I could monitor her phone calls, but that was cumbersome. To keep her from taking the corded phone (emergency telephone for when the power is out) into her bedroom I eliminated the telephone jacks in the kids' bedrooms.

I did not realize that telephone companies offered a 'curfew' on the phone service. I've never seen any information offered by BellSouth in that regard. It may be something worth checking into though.

My kids, as I'm sure yours are too, are good kids. I just want to make sure they stay that way.

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An idea

Although I found this subject to be amusing, I know is isnít. Being an inventive person, I tried to think of what I would do in such a situation.

One thing would be to buy one of those 10 to 12 hour phone-line tape recorders that turns on when the phone is in use. Turn the power on at night (or whenever) to record phone conversations. I donít know any teenager that wants their parents to hear the conversations they have with their friends.

Another idea would be to set up a device on the phone line that would require a code to be entered before a call could be made. I donít remember where, but I once saw such a device for sale somewhere. Probably the same place where you would find a 12 hour phone-line recorder: at a spy store.

Good luck.
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The use of "spy" technology is a bit much. Remember these are basically good kids. The use of the programming feature I mentioned still allows emergency calls to go thru, or if the parent needs to place a call after the curfew, a code must be entered. Call your local phone company. It's such an inexpensive solution, that they don't advertise it much.
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Where is the location of the telephone that is used for the "late-hour" calls, and what is the number of telephone-jacks from which calls can be made?

Possibly you could "isolate" a jack, or jacks, from the system with a simple relay, leaving the telephone in your BR in service.

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