wiring obstacle inside drywall - workaround?

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wiring obstacle inside drywall - workaround?

this is related to wiring speakers but i imagine some here may have run into similar problems wiring data and phone lines in homes and businesses...

Iím trying to run speaker wiring for a sound system in my home but Iíve run into an obstacle, literally. The wire Iím running behind drywall from the basement into the first floor family room is blocked by what at least feels to be a cross-member between 2 studs. The cross member feels like itís around 4 feet up from the floor and I need to set the speaker around 6í up on the drywall. Iíve put together a sketch of what I think is happening inside the drywall cavity.


So what does one do in a situation like this?

I was thinking it over while I was sketching this out, Ďwhy not just come in from the top (attic) and not have to deal with the cross stud at all?í but off hand I canít think of another route for getting the wiring up into the attic to begin withÖ

Any thoughts?

Has anyone ever brought the wire out of the wall below the cross-member, cut a channel in the surface of the drywall to lay the wire into and cut another hole above the cross member to send the wire back underneath the drywall only to come out a 2nd time at the mounting location for the speaker? of course, that would involve a fair amount of drywall repair/painting afterward...

Thatís all I came up with but it seems a little complicated (ie. there must be a simpler approach to thisÖ)

Thanks in advance

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You can drill a hole through this fire stop with a bellhanger's bit. Such as:


Then retrieve your wire.

Hope this helps.
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Another way to do this:

Use a fish tape to measure exactly how high the obstacle is. Measure up that height on the outside of the wall - use a utility knife to cut out 1/4"-1/2" wide by 2" tall slit out of the drywall (so there is a small hole above it and below it). Pull the wire out from below the obstacle, place it in the hole on top of the obstacle. Fish the wire up to the desired location. Spackle. Paint.
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You could try fishing into the attic along side the plumbing stack and then come down from the top of the wall. The plumbing stack is often a straight shot up the middle of a wall, into the attic, and out the roof.

Depending on where the plumbing stack is relative to where you are you may need a bunch of extra wire.

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