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I have just contracted to build a home through Richmond American and was wondering what I should do regarding a home network (via Cat-5). Currently they allow two wall plates in the house with Cat-5, Cable and Phone connection and charge for more than that. Essentially what I would like to do is a run a 4 -6 room network but I don't necessarily want to pay the extra $200 per room, I would rather do it on my own if possible. I am already running an airport network as well but would like the hardwire flexibility. Here is my question would it be possible to have them install the wall plates in rooms that were back to back and to then tap those rooms rooms later for the network or do all the rooms need to be direct runs to the router? Also any advice on working with Richmond would be greatly appreciated.
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You would do better woth this question in the computer forum.

Each run needs to be back to the router. You cannot daisy chain connections as you can with teltphone connections.

I would run at least two lines to each room.

For maximum flexibility, run 4 cat 5e lines to each room. This gives you great flexibility. You can use a single cat 5 line for telephone or for compuiter, so with four lies you could have 4 computer OR 4 telephone OR 1 computer and 3 telephone, etc. You just make the connections at the central wiring room end the way you want.

Have them run the wires, or do it yourself before the walls are in place. Don;t try to do it after the walls are build.
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$200 per room for a Cat 5, Coax, AND phone connection? Do they test the final product, give you the results, and give you a warranty? If they do all of that, I would definitely give them $200 per room. You can't come clode if you want to wire it after the fact. Just consider how much easier it is to do when all of the walls are opened up before drywall goes up.

Just my 2 cents.

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This simplest way to deal with this problem now is to run all the wire and terminate it later. Decide where you want your router to live. A closet in a central area is ideal. Then run as much cable as you want to your various rooms, leaving a good amount of slack on each end.

Secure the ends to the 2x4 studs where you want your boxes to be, and have them put in boxes with blank plates. This way you can easily access all your wiring later. Be sure the drywall guys know what is going on, because if they wall it in, it's a PITA ****Take pictures of everything before the rock goes up. Label your wires, and keep in mind those label might get painted.

2 cat5 to every room that you want it in is an ok amount. more is better. Run cat5 to where you want phones. In a pinch, you can run a network connection and a phone off of one cat5. Not ideal, but it does work. Keep in mind you _can_ put a hub at the end of any cat5 cable and break out more connections. Run them to the garage and the kitchen just in case. Run them to different sides of the room. Run them to the outside of the house where the phone company comes in.

Also consider running speaker wire for your tv/stereo. Bring that up in the Stereo forum and I can talk all day about it.

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