Phone Junction Box

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Phone Junction Box

I want to consolidate my phone wires, which take many paths from the outside junction box the phone company supplies, to one point inside my house. All these different wires on the outside of the house is ugly. I have not successfully found a retail store that sells internal phone junction boxes. I've tried Home Depot, Lowe, and Radio Shack. The best I can do so far is find a multiport connector that requires cables with RJ11 connectors. This is not compatible with the older wires running through my house. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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RJ11 jacks can be installed on any wire small enough. It doesn't have to be the flat wire. They go on round wire as well.
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Joed, Thanks. I will give that a try.
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I'm not sure why you would have several runs to one connection point, unless there are multiple phone lines (as in, phone numbers) coming in.

If that's the case, you may want to pick-up some Cat5 and just run one wire (or 2, if you have more than 4 phone lines) to the inside wiring point.

At that point, your best bet is to get a 110 punch block and wire up the phones from there. You can usually pick up one of these at the local Home Depot or Lowes. Get a cheap punch down tool while you're at it - you'll need it.

Maybe a little more explanation is in order here? It just doesn't make logical sense to have multiple runs of phones back to one point - phones are like electricity, if you can get a dial-tone, you can tap into it. So even if more extensions and jacks were added later, there's no reason to run lines in from the DeMarc to a central location.

Take a look at for more explanation on phone lines.

Good luck!
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[B]Consider using 66M Blocks[/B]

Consider buying a punch down block and an inexpensive punch down tool. The ones they sell at my local home depots are the 66M type that take up to fifty pairs of wires. Each set of post on the block will except two wires. There are four position each level (horizontal row) of the block. These are called combs. You bring the pairs from the Network Interface device to the post on the left side of the block. You then use short lengths of wire (jumpers) to connect those post to sufficient rows below them so that each interior jack will have it's own set of rows. You connect the wires from each jack to a single row on the right side. since the pairs of post on the right and left side of each comb are isolated from each other electrically you connect the jack wiring to the NID wiring by using bridging clips that you purchased with the 66M block. If your box store does not sell these parts most electrical supply houses do or can order one for you. The finished effect makes a very neat job that allows you to disconnect the inside jacks from the NID one at a time in order to troubleshoot the inside wiring by just removing the bridging clips. You can also deprive any jack of service by opening that jacks bridging clips.
Pictures of the parts and tool can be found here.
A picture of an installed block can be found here.

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