Need to rewire 75' of phone line...

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Need to rewire 75' of phone line...

Hi, this is my first time here, I appreciate your time and effort in answering my questions. I live in Northern Virginia, in a condominium that was built in 1987. I have two phone lines coming into my house via a single phone cable that contains 4 wires; red, green, black and yellow.

The red and green lines power my single residential line, the black and yellow power a second line I started using for business over a year ago. About 5 months ago the second phone line suddenly stopped working. After a fiasco with my local phone service provider (Verizon) and my condo board I am left alone to resolve this problem.

I have done a lot of research on the Internet about phone wiring and pretty much understand how my home is setup. I have determined the "master" phone outlet in my home (kitchen) which the cable from the network interface runs in to, from there it's my understanding that wire runs from outlet to outlet to provide connections.

When I test the black and yellow wires I've found that the yellow one is not carrying any voltage from the network interface box to my main outlet. The network interface box is located on the opposite end of my building, about 75' away. The wires run through the ceilings of 3 other condos to get to my unit, these attic areas are accessible via a couple of common ground hatches in the hallways between our units.

As far as I can tell the wire runs through conduit for most of the trip from the interface box to my master outles. Can someone give me an idea of how difficult it's going to be for me to rewire this myself? Also was wondering if there are any online resources for tips on running such a long link of phone wire through attics that are shared in a apartment or condo setting such as mine.

I've been able to find a lot of info online about general telephone wiring, but none that covers a difficult job like I think mine is going to be. Thanks!
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Before you go through all that hassle, verify that [1] there is a dial tone on the appropriate points at the NID, [2] whether the dialtones make it to the first jack in the house. If there is, in fact, no continuity in one of the conductors, and both the phone and condo people have determined that it's your headache, then all you can do is pull wire.

If it's in conduit all the way, or most of the way, and it moves easily, you can simply use the existing cable as a pull string to tow a new cable through the conduit. Just be certain of your attachment point. Nothing sucks more than having the old wire pull loose from the new one 10 feet short of the destination.

Otherwise if it's just a utility attic, simply run the new cable in the open, and staple it to the joists fairly clear of high voltage lines. I'd run cat-5 type cable. That will give you 4 pair, which will fulfill your telco needs by most any standard.

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