2 Phone lines -- doing an upgrade

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Cool 2 Phone lines -- doing an upgrade

I'm having the phone company come out to install a 2nd phone line to my house. Currently I have 1 phone line running from the pole to my home. The current wire is only capable of carrying 1 phone line (because it only has 2 wires for a line 1 configuration).

Here's the question: When the phone company comes out, should I insist that they put in a new line from the pole to my house that has more than 1 set of wires inside 1 wire? I'm trying to avoid having 2 lines stretch from the pole to my house. I know that seems weird, but I already have too many lines attaching to the side of my house. Here's what I need to know -- can they even put up a wire that combines 2 lines in 1 wire? Or will I have to let them stretch a whole seperate line for the 2nd phone line?

I want to keep my installs neat, and having 1 line servicing 2 phone numbers would be ideal! I'm redoing my house trim (wiring, trim-work, everything) and want the wires connecting to the house neat and tidy. I want to avoid any extra lines that aren't necessary. I'm putting cat 5 in the house from the NIB to the inside phone outlets (which obviously is capable of carrying 4 seperate lines if I needed).

Anyone who can clue me in on this would be a saint.

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I dont think you can insist they give you a multipair drop rther than two single pair drops

you can request it though a lot will depend on what the installer has on his vehicle .

you may want to call and request it now so maybe they can get it on the work order and that way if he dosnt have multipir DW when he comes to do the install they will come back and do it no charge.

if your looking for neat why not request buried drop ?
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Thanks for input...

I guess I should have phrased my question better. Naturally I wouldn't insist that they guys do something. I'm always friendly with installers -- it gets a better job and they appreciate a friendly attitude. I'll "request" the line.

I will call and see if I can get the request in for a multi-line drop. They will not be out until Mon Oct 25th, so I should have time.

A buried line would just be a nightmare around my house (lots of cement, sidewalk, etc. that would have to be dug up.)

I appreciate your help! I wasn't even sure if there was such a thing as cable with multiple lines inside. Sounds like there is.


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