Running New Phone Line

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Running New Phone Line

I've been having problems with humming/buzzing on my phone line for months. I've tried everything to correct the problem. I even had the phone company to the house twice. I give up. I decided, with winter coming, it would be a good time to re-wire my house. I have about 15+- phone jacks in my house. Some are used for DirecTV. Should I run Cat 5 wiring or can I get away with less expensive wire? Im just using it for several phones and dial up-internet. (I may get DSL some day).

One or 2 rooms will be very difficult to re-wire. Im hoping not to have to re-wire them. If this is the case does mixing Cat 5 wire with non Cat 5 wire affect the quality of Cat 5? Basically if I go with Cat 5 and also leave some old wiring does this defeat the purpose of using Cat 5?

Whats the difference between Cat 3 and Cat 5 wire?

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there is no advantage of cat 5 over cat 3 for regular telephone dialtone

the price is prety much the same now so most peaple pull cat 5 for possible future needs.

they are both twisted pair the diffrence is in the number of twists per inch with cat 5 having more twists per inch than three cat 5 also has a thicker jacket.

if you may get bradband same day then consider pulling a spare cat 5 cable along with the phone to use for a home network to allow you to share the braodband connection

the network cables will need to be home runed in that each cable will need to go to a central point

your phone cable can be daisy chained , meaning one cable can feed all your jacks

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