Running Wire to Garage Office

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Running Wire to Garage Office

Hi all:

New guy here, question regarding running wire for DSL service to my garage office (150 feet or so from house). Right now, I'm just using regular old phone wire - like you would use to extend a line indoors - but that's getting a little tired, and with the cold weather coming, a little impractical. So I'm wondering what the options are - is there a heavy-duty kind of wire I can use that connects at a phone jack, or the NID box, which can withstand outdoor wear and tear, or do I need to dig a trench and bury the wire? Is additional grounding (as other posts have suggested) necessary in either/both case(s)?


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If the DSL will be used only in the office, you can extend from the consumer's side of the NID. There may be some problems with signal strength and quality that you will have to solve on your own, because this is your side of the service. The telephone company is delivering the signal to the NID. After that, it is yours to manage.

If you mean to extend a DSL connection that is also part of the house's service, it seems that you are actually extending your network. In this case, Cat5 cable would be the medium of choice. It would be better to run it through conduit, since it is not rated for encapsulation, direct burial, or exposure to the elements. 150 feet is not too far for Cat5, its limit is 100 meters. Cost notwithstanding, wireless might be simpler.

Hope this helps.
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Follow-up to Garage Office Wire Request


Thanks for the info.

I believe what I want to do is extend from the consumer side of the NID. This will mean running a wire outside (exposure to the elements). Is there a cable you know that is rated to do this, or do I need to bury the wire?

Gracias again...

-- Dave
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you cant have two dsl modems on the same line

is that what you are suggesting ?

to run from the nid to the garage you can get gel filled direct bury cable , no conduit needed just bury it

(this is also availible rated cat 5 BTW)

the NEC requires that the cable be grounded and bonded where it enters the bui9lding (grage in this case ) so in essance what you would be doing is going from a nid to another nid then in to the garage.

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