starting from scratch...

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starting from scratch...

Well, not entirely...
I've run the CAt5.
2 wires to each box, one for phone, one for data.
The phone company has been out and 'hooked us up', although I'm not sure what they did exactly.
They gave us our phone number.
I've got all of the wires home run to a central point in the basement.
Now, forgive me if I get the rest wrong, becuase I don't fully understand.

The system used to come in from the phone company's side of the NID, a solid, grey wire that connected to a ceramic unit with the button in the center (what the heck is this thing called?)
When cutting out the old wires, I inadvertently clipped this wire.
So I've got cat5 wires, and I've got that clipped grey wire rom the NID.
I've got one of those plastic punch down blocks, and I've got the ceramic thing.
I assume these are the pieces I need?
Can I ditch the ceramic thing?
This seems like it should be a simple task to get this thing up and running...

Sorry for the vague questions, but any assistance would be most appreciated.
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First, see if you still have a good telephone signal at the demarkation point. That is the point where the telephone company verified their signal was good. Do this by connecting a telephone to your side of that point to see if you get a dial-tone. If the dial-tone is good then connect the new telephone cable the rest of the way into the house. Do one cable at a time and test it.

If there is no longer a dial-tone at the demarkation point then you need to fix that first. Repair it if possible or call the telephone company back out.

"Ceramic thing" sounds old and obselete. But to be safe, try to keep it intact until you are all the way done and everything is working. When everything is working and the ceramic thing is just hanging there unused, you can get rid of it. But I would not cut the wires. I would just fold the wires back into the hole in the wall because the wires are still good and you might find a use for them someday.

Do one cable at a time and make sure it works before moving on to another cable. This will keep problems to a minimum and you will know at what point it stopped working.

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