Trying to add new jacks to basement


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Trying to add new jacks to basement

Hello and good evening..heres the dilemma and I extend deep thanks in advance to anyone that can offer some helpful advice.
I have finished my basement and looking to get two new jacks added in to the rooms. The wiring hooked up at the jack with cords connected to the screws (colors are correct) and the wire is hung over the drop ceiling..I intended to run some new line from my hub to the wire and connect them with a coupler..

Plan was going fine as new jack one seem to connect fine and was working, but then I realized I had some major interference with the existing phone upstairs. New jack two was connected to the coupler and no dial tone at all..

Any advice or remedies that you can suggest? I checked the wires and the house is using the green/red wires in the cord..of course I hooked up all 4 just to be safe.

again, thanks in advance..I wish phones were as easy as coax!

added after post -
I just remembered that new jack two had stranded line, but it had phone connecters attached to it, so I am sure it was used for a phone line previously. I noticed in another post that someone replied the stranded should not be used for phone wiring..Any thoughts on that point? thanks
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Adding new jacks

Could be any number of situations. For example, the old line may be running in parallel with a power line and getting "crossover". May have a grounding problem someplace either at a connection or moisture in the cable, or shorting a pair together someplace.... Here is where a good meter and knowledge would come in handy.... Sorry, could not be more informative.
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