Pulling Cable on an Outside Wall


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Pulling Cable on an Outside Wall

I just moved into a new house and need to pull cable to the office. The issue is that the wall to which I want to run Cat5 is on an outside wall of the house, and the roof slants down to meet this wall. I doubt I can get in there to drill through the wall header.

What's the recommended way to run cable in this situation? The only inside wall of this room just isn't where I want the computers to be.
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Is there an outlet on that wall? I'm getting ahead of myself here, but it will make it easier if you are going to run it down that wall since there will also be braces in between the studs that run horizontally and you won't be able to feed past them. I'm hoping that there is a hole already drilled through one of the braces where you can feed through that, otherwise you'll need to find a way to drill through the brace, too.

A simple alternative, which may not suit your decor or taste, is to run it from the corner in the ceiling as close to the corner as you can get. Run the wire on the outside of the wall in conduit (plastic) or use moulding in that corner to cover the wiring.

Some of the pros here may have a method that works for getting through the header from another means so that you can truly run it through the wall - which is the cleanest and most asthetically pleasing way in my eyes.

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what type off construction ?

what type of soffits ?

you could remove a section of sofit where you want the jack , this gives you access from outside .

depending on the construction there may not be a header between the sheetrock and the outside wall lots of times the rock is put on with furring strips and no header .

or you could run it down the wall on the outside of the house then into the room. thats common around here for retrofits on phone and cable.
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I have another related question. If there is a brace in the wall what technique is used. Only one of the walls is going to be an outer wall.

I am think that I have to cut into the sheet rock. The house is being remodled, but that would make more work. The plan is to make it easier for when new cables have to be pulled next time by leaving pull lines.
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