Recommendation for Shure Lapel Batteries

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Recommendation for Shure Lapel Batteries

I hope I got this in the right forum. I am looking for some excellent 9 volt batteries that last a real long while in my Shure Lapel and wireless hand held mics. I am hoping to go with the rechargeable type. I understand that the GP brand of batteries are good, but I'd like to get some recommendations of the good rechargables and the regulars too.
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As long as the

mikes take standard akaline batteries, then I'd try some Ni-MH (Nickel Metal hydride) batteries. Some electronics don't like these batteries, so you'll need to try them out first.

I'm not in a band or anything, but for standard batteries I've had good luck with Duracell.

For Ni-MH batteries, I've had good luck with both Energizer and Duracell. My kids use them for thier CD players, to and from school. They seem to last just as long as regular batteries.

If the Ni-MH doesn't work, then I'd try Ni-Cad.

Overall, I think that any name brand battery will work for you.

The main thing to know about about both types is 1) heat- rechargable batteries don't like heat. Don't try to charge them while they're hot. 2) Sitting around- unlike regular batteries, rechargables go dead faster than regular batteries will while not being used. So, if your mikes sit around for a while (a couple of months or three) not being used, the batteries can still be dead on you. 3) New batteries need to be fully charged before use.

Hope this helps!

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