Connecting Telecom Blocks in Series

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Connecting Telecom Blocks in Series

1) I need to run 4 phone lines to my basement, and there is only one row left in the block that my builder put in. (a) Is installing a second block straightforward, and where would I look to see how to do it? (b) Do I need to use the same type of block (66/110) as the existing block?

2) I am also putting in a second cat 5e port, but I'm inclined to homerun those 4 cables to an upstairs room, so that I can plug some or all of them directly into my wireless hub/router. Is there any reason to run those through a block that I'm overlooking? Thanks!
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1) what you can do is take an open set of connections on your block (66 im assuming) and hook that into a new block and use cross connect wire and bridge clips to add new cable runs.

2.) Id run them to the room that the switch/router is in and use an 4-8 port plate or plate with surface mount box, use panduit if dont already have a box in the wall behind the drywall. make sure you label your runs and you should be good as gold.

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