Problem w/ Phone - Inside Wiring


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Problem w/ Phone - Inside Wiring

Hello all,

I'm having a problem with my phone line somewhere between the outside box and the primary jack.

Except for a three month period when I tried to make my cell phone my only home phone, I have had two phone lines since my house was built in 1999. I had a roommate renting my basement and he recently moved out and cut his phone off accordingly. When the house was built, it was wired for two lines but the electrician only put 2-line jacks in one room upstairs and one room downstairs. The rest of the rooms in the house just have the 1-line jacks. When I dropped my line for the cell phone, my roommate took over the line that was connected to every jack. Now that he's gone, I want to change it so my line will go to every jack. This is what I did:

I went to the box outside which has several slots for telephone lines. Two of them are wired. There are 2 sets of 4 wires that have color schemes of green and orange. His line was orange and my line was green. Both slots have 4 screws and 4 wires connected to each screw. I believe there are 2 solid orange wires and 2 orange and white striped wires. The same for the green.

What I did was loosen the 4 screws and swapped the wires making my line orange. I then brought out my trusty analog telephone and plugged it into the slot with the orange color scheme. I got a dial tone and everything seemed fine. I then came into the library, the first stop for the indoor wiring and plugged the analog phone in - dead. I tried both jacks but they were both dead. I took off the cover to the 2-line jack and saw that 2 green wires were screwed into one jack and 2 orange wires were screwed into the other. There is a wire nut on each set of wires and then the wires head off to the rest of the house.

My phone line has been working fine all over the house until now. I have a Panasonic wireless phone system so I don't need the jacks in the other rooms except that my television satellite receivers have to call out every night to DirecTV and they haven't made a call in over 3 weeks. This is why I need to swap phone lines.

What should I do next? I don't have the Bellsouth inside wiring plan so it would be quite costly to have them fix it. And anyway, I want to try to do it myself, but I need your help.

Sorry to be so long-winded and juvenile in my descriptions, but I know so little about this subject, I think it's better to tell it this way so hopefully you'll have enough information to offer advice.

Thanks for your assistance!

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hook the orange/white and the green/white to the red and green terminals on the working phone line at the NID

that should give you dialtone on all jacks
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