Help! Wiring troubleshooting

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Help! Wiring troubleshooting

Help! I just moved into a house that had been recently Cat5 wired. Nice, huh? Not so far!

The phone company connected my phone to one jack in the master bedroom, leaving all of the other jacks in the house dead. There are two or more per room. I quickly rewired the other jack in the master to match the one that worked with success. I am a layperson, so I don't know the lingo, but there were four wires coming from the house (solid orange, white with o. stripe, solid green and white with g. stripe). I rewired the next bedroom with success, then did the rest of the house according to a wiring map left by the previous owner - assuming that working my way down the line would work. None of those worked. I went outside and looked at the NID. The line that worked inside was Line 2 on the NID. Line 1 is a single older cable that goes to a bedroom and the cable doesn't enter the house other than at that point. That line was dead when tested. So there was a problem between bedroom #2 and the rest of the house.

New problem: I talked to the previous owner and he was perplexed too. So, I went out to the NID and detached the wiring and put it back exactly how I found it. Now nothing works in the house. I can't fix the rest of the house if the jack in the first place doesn't work now!

What should I do? I haven't tested the line directly from the NID - I'm not at home to do that right now. If the line is live from there, what should I do?

What would be the proper configuration for the line to work? I've read posts describing G1, etc. positions and am not sure what that means.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm assuming you only have one phone line coming to your house...

First you need to determine if the active line at your NID is Line1 or Line2. Just take a plain phone out to the nid and plug it into the test jacks. (Only open the "customer" side of the NID.)

Then you need to look at the existing phone jacks. What wire pair is connected to the jacks? If the jacks have the old Red/Green/Black/Yellow wiring, you want to determine which wire pair is connected to the Red/Green at the jacks. Hopefully, all the jacks are done the same way.

Finally, once you determine which wire pair to use, go back to the NID and connect that pair to either Line1 or Line2, which ever you determined to be active. If there are several sets of wires going into the NID, connect the appropriate pair of each set to the active line (yes, you can have multiple wires under one screw).

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