wiring dsl from the street

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wiring dsl from the street

I accidentally ripped the wires out of the junction box that connect my apartment phone/DSL to the hallway. It is incoming CAT5 and i don't know where to plug these wires back in. I have some pictures to show what everything looks like.

First off, a big set of wires enters the apartment and is connected to the CAT5 cable via a junction box (see 1st picture). The wires coming in are labeled "coming in from the hallway." The wires heading to the DSL modem, phones, etc. are labeled "into house."

pic 1
The 2nd picture shows the end of the CAT5 cable that I need to plug into the junction box. (I realize that this picture shows nothing special just some standard CAT5). Since the brown and brown/white wires are not connected to anything in the 1st picture, I don't have to worry about where they go (they are useless).

pic 2

So now i have 6 wires:
blue, blue/white, green, green/white, orange, orange/white

and they need to be plugged into the junction box. The 3rd picture shows the junction box. The wires coming into the house plug into the bottom array of clips. The DSL and telephone lines come out of the top.

pic 3
So my question is:

What of the 6 wires go into which of the 8 billion clips?

I assume that all the clips in each column are linked like a bread board. So my question is really: which of the 6 wires go into which of the 4 clips?

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thats the problem with a creative,non standards install , it makes sense to the installer but good luck to somebody else trying to make sense of it.

what you need to do is find the "heavy cable " it looks like it could be a 25 pair and see what is connected running to your apartment .

you need two pairs , one pair is running filtered dialtone to the phones , the second pair is running unfiltred to the modem.

might be worth paying someone who has the tools and know how to figure it out in short order .

a issue with DIY in a aparment situation like this is you may down one or more other tenants and wind up footing the repair cost to get them back up
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It may be best to contact who did this install..

I agree with Mango, thats the problem with installs like this.

If you do decide to fix this yourself, your going to need a 66 block punchdown tool to reconnect your wires...

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