Voip interferance.

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Voip interferance.

I just bought an older home (1942) that is solid concrete block including most interior walls in the basement. It is a 3,600 sq. ft. ranch and most of those walls are plaster and then a full basement. I ordered Packet8 VOIP system. I have a cordless phone system from Uniden. It is 5.8Ghz with 2 extra phones that don't need jacks. My phone modem is at the far left of the home. Then I have one that doesn't require a jack on the other side of the home upstairs and then one in the basement almost center of the home but a little more towards the right of the home. So they are a distance from each other.
I get very little service in the basement. People keep telling me I break up. Upstairs it seems to be pretty good but I have a little bit of an echo. My cell phone is also a problem. I hardly get any service in my home even upstairs seems to be a problem but later at night I usually get some signal. Doesn't make sense to me.
Any suggestions as to what I can do to help out the signal especially downstairs in the basement. Thanks for your help. I guess I didn't realize I was going to have problems with wireless things.
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Is it possible to move the

VOIP adapter and base phone unit closer to - or even in the basement itself?

My only other idea increase the distance between the VOIP adapter and the base unit. If you have a long enough standard phone cord, try moving the base unit until you can get a good signal.

My last idea is to use a CAT5 cable and place standard phone jacks on each end. Place one jack in the basement, place the other jack at the VOIP adapter and run the wire between them. You may be able to run the wire along the outside of the house, if needed. Use a standard splitter to connect the cordless base unit and the phone cord from the VOIP to the jack. Then you can use a regular corded phone in the basement and the cordless phones upstairs-but probably not both phones at the same time.

It's possible that this idea won't work, the adapter may not put out enough signal to power 2 phones, especially the further the phone is from the adapter.

I don't know enough about cellphones to help you with that problem, except that your best bet for reception will be outside or right next to an upstairs window.

I hope this helped!

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