assistance with coax splitters

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assistance with coax splitters

I recently ran quad shield RG6 throughout the house. There are currently a total of 7 runs all wired back to my wiring panel. The wiring panel is not right next to where the cable enters the house so there is a 22' RG6 from that point to my wiring panel.

I currently have a Channel Vision 4 way splitter. From my understanding there is a 3.5 dB loss per out on the splitter. I currently have 3 of the coax runs connected to the splitter and the signal at this point is decent enough at each set because analog cable looks fine as well as the digital cable on the one set comes in fine.

What I would like to have done is have 6 of these runs live but since I only have the 4 way splitter I'd either have to get a 6way splitter or I was thinking of using 2 more 2 way splitters and splitting off 2 of the outputs on the 4way provided there isnt too much loss. I currently dont have need of an amp but I'm worried that splitting it off too many times would require the use of one and then I'd have to wire on in right next to where the cable comes in.

Is there a way to tell if the end of one of my runs is at an acceptible signal level other than hooking a tv up to it and seeing that the picture looks decent?

Every cable run is under 100' other than the run that happens to go to the main tv set, that run is probably almost 150'-175'.
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You cannot really test the signal with any consumer grade equipment, beyond a TV or cabe box.

I think the two splitters may have the lease loss.Put the shortest runs on those splitters, and use good crimps (not twist ons).
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Check the ends of the cable , If you can change the fittings. If you get any of the braid on the stinger , you will have a short. You don't won't that. And on some jobs i have opened a new splitter and it have one or all ports bad.
Once you have checked the cable ends. Then try a new splitter. I would not
use a 6 or 8 way splitter on the line you digital is coming in on. If there is a two splitter on them now take the line not going digital and put a 4 way on it. and you can allways work from there. You try process of elination, Try one cable at a time to check your signal at the t.v. , and never use twis on ends, And make sure your splitter is a 1 gig or better. best of luck.

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