Phones dead. Bad ground? Short?

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Phones dead. Bad ground? Short?

Alright, I seem to have failed at my first post. Trying again.

My phones all died the other day, so I am trying to fix them myself. I am almost 100% ignorant on this, but what the heck.

I figure it's something outside. I have two boxes out there. The big one is owned by the Telco. The left half of that is customer domain, so I open it up. When I hook lines there directly to the phone, everything works.

I go down to a smaller box below it that I guess I own completely. About 2" x 4". It contains 2 plastic blocks. The bottom block has 2 screws, one for the red wires and one for the greens. That block also has a ground strap that is connected to a second block. The second block connects to nothing but the ground strap and wires.

Long story short. The phones work great until I connect the ground wire to the ground strap.

I am showing about 1.4 vac at 60hz. I am also showing about 3 ohms of resistance between the red wire screw and the ground strap (and 0L from the green wire screw to the strap). I figure either the plastic block doohickey is fried, or I have some kind of short in my household wiring feeding into the phone, or my ground wire is not well and truly grounded, or I am really showing my ignorance now.

Anyone know what's up?

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sounds like the second box is also telco and the item in question is a lightning / surge protetor that has taken a hit and needs to be replaced.

if you are 110 % sure that the first box is the telco demark you would be safe in bypassing the second as the telco does provide protection up to the demark.

for saftey sake someone knowledgable should look at the setup and see whats what.

I suggest you call the telco .
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Lightning guard sounds right. On closer inspection, the ground wire connects to nothing but the telco stuff. The first box clearly states within the customer-side door that the customer wires should be run to it. It says I am well within my legal rights to wire over to it. I probably should for a while at least.

I will probably look into replacing the lightning doohickey, though.


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