phone line question


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phone line question

I just moved to a new place, a town house to be exact. And one of the Jack's was not working, the one I wanted for DSL. So I went looking for the phone box where the line comes in, I found the box where the outside line comes in the house and it is just a mess. There are 6 phone lines that go out of the box and there are only 5 phone jacks that I can find. What I want to do is clean this up and only have 3 for phone and one for DSL. What I was thinking of is drawing a diagram of how one of the line's is hooked up and taking them all off then going from jack to jack with a phone to see which ones are what, then hooking up the ones I want. What I would like to know is, if there is an easier way to do this and if I should get a different type of cable for the DSL and run that to the jack I want or just use existing wire for it.

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to this so not sure which wire is already there or how to hook them up, thus the diagram.

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Those six wires go somewhere. Either there is a sixth jack in your townhouse or someone is stealing from you.

You don;t need anything special for DSL. Regular phone wire is fine. Certainly shielded wire would be better, but I would get i working and worry about other things later.

Certainly figure out where those wires go. You can remove one at a time and figure it out that way, or you can remove them all and put them back one at a time. Label them when you are done. Yes, make notes on how everything is hooked up before you start.
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Certainly shielded wire would be better, but I would get i working and worry about other things later.
got to disagree , if not propery grounded sheilded can cause problems , used to solve problems when installed by qualified installer not a DIYer product.

keep in mind your dsl signal is traveling over telco cable , often not evan twisted pair so your running special cable the last 100yds dosnt do much good.

when you say townhouse is there more than one dwelling in the building ?

could the wires be feeeding dialtone to other houses ?

if all the cables are feeding your townhouse then I think yoyu have a good plan unhook everything that isnt in use .
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I'm not a security expert, but couldn't the sixth line be for an RJ-31 X jack for a monitored security system?
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Even if there's no security installed, it could well be in place for a prewire for a security panel
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The mystery jack may of been taken out at some point or plastered over? Or a wire may of gone bad and the extra is a new run..

If your going to take the time to run your own home run for DSL, just use twisted pair wiring (CAT3 or CAT5).. It's always best to use a whole house filter outside, and send the DSL in on it's home run.

As for determining what goes where, the process of elimination works best.. Hook pairs up one at a time and see what jacks work as you go.

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