Cordless phone question, battery


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Question Cordless phone question, battery

Dropped a UNIDEN EXAI3248 cordless phone, four foot drop to a wooden deck. Has a BT-905 battery, by the way. No damage to phone, a scrape, but no plastic broken. Checked battery visually, no evidence of leaking or anything, just a SLIGHT bit warm after being charged for hours, all normal. Phone operates fine still, occasional interference, normal. QUESTION: Anyone else ever dropped the damn cordless phone? Everything sound okay to you all, not gonna have an exploding battery or anything?

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I have a bare cement floor in my basement that has seen many an impact of a cordless phone or the tv remote, so far everything still works.
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Never heard of one exploding but have dropped, seen or heard of a hundred being dropped. Many are made to fly apart on impact to lessen damage.
I can relate to your worry. I had a cell that the battery kept coming loose on. I would sometimes carry it in my pants pocket and always worried the battery would come loose, short out on my spare change and explode in a body part zone where they don't do replacement limbs.
Came loose lots but never blew.
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guys- yeah, thanks for the replies. nothing broke off it, battery plugged in and seated properly, etc. the short stubby antenna seems MINUTELY loose, but i mean millimeters, never really wiggled it until i function checked the phone after the big drop, so it may have ALWAYS been that way. i keep both my cordless phones OFF the chargers now and again, even though i'm pretty sure they will not overcharge and go BOOM, but hey, i'm PARANOID. any other cordless phone stories/opinions on mine appreciated. i like posting/reading posts here, i have been helped out and learned a LOT on this board. cheers!

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