To crimp or compress RG6 QS?

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Question To crimp or compress RG6 QS?

What is best? Crimping or compressing connectors onto RG6 quad shielded cable.

Does it really matter? what type of connector type I use?

I know someone who has a crimpper and leftover connectors that I could use. Is it worth it or should I use the compression connectors?
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I think it's a matter of personal preference. I like the crimp-on connectors and the price you're getting is hard to beat.

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screw on connectors arent compression ,two differnt animals you cant take a compression fitting off and reuse it , one time use only , like a crimp.
compresion fittings are superior in my opion , much eiser to get a good secure connection .

screw on are garbage , if money is a issue and you can get free crimp on ,go for it . if you want a long lasting superior connection go with the compression fittings
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Screw on connectors are garbage and nothing but trouble. Crimp are fine for a Off-Air Antenna, but for satellite and cable systems with over 75 Channels compression are the way to go. As you get into higher freq. especially in satellite the crimp fittings can acutally interfere with the signal quality. SG
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depends on fitting

you need a good crimper or compression tool depends on the type of fitting you have.if you have your local cable they should come out and put one on for you
where i live having the cable guy come out is free so you might want to see if they will put them on for you. also make sure you have the right size fitting for the cable thier are different size's.
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Compression fittings are the best, and if you are not familiar with putting them on you can have 2 major problems especialy if you are on a cable system (not so much on satelite). Signal leakage from a poorly cut fitting can get your cable shut off. The cable companies, as they are driving through the neighborhoods going to installs and service calls have equipment mounted in their trucks to measure the signal that may be leaking out of the cable plant, they have to track it down and fix it. If it is comming from your home they could shut off your cable untill you call in for a service call and if they find improperly installed fittings they may charge you for the service call. The second problem is signal from a broadcast antenea bleeding in. A poorly cut fitting can allow your local stations to bleed through causing a ghost image of the people on the screen and a vertical bar down one side or the other. Again this will be seen on the local channels only. Compression fittings have been tested time and time again and have proven to be far more superior (when properly instaled) to crimp and especialy screw on fittings.

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