Help with troubleshooting inside phone line


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Unhappy Help with troubleshooting inside phone line

Recently both phone jacks in my home went dead. No dial tone. Whenever you dial my number you get a busy signal as if the phone is in use. The outside box has dial tone when I plug phone into the test jack and I can make and receive calls from outside. But as soon as I re-plug the outside line back into the test jack and call myself (from cell phone) its a busy signal. At no time during these tests have I been able to obtain dial tone inside the house at either of 2 jacks.
I guess the part I feel is key in this is the busy signal callers receive when they call. Why doesn't it just ring on their end? Why does plugging the short phone line that is inside the outside box into the test jack cause a busy signal? Would this still be an inside wiring short or possibly more than 1 problem?
I should note that just before I lost dial tone in both inside jacks, there was a couple days of sporatic static on the line. Didn't mean to be so long winded. Hope someone can give me a few ideas on how to trace this. Please be as specific as possible. Assume I have no more knowledge beyond how to operate a screwdriver. Thanks!!
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I am not a phone tech but have a few ideas.

Did you do ANYTHING prior to this happening? Even anything as simple as unplugging and repluggin a phone in could be of importance.

If you did any plugging, I would look at the jack(s) involved to be sure none of the contacts have been bent and are touching another contact (they are just small stiff wires basically)

Unplug any and all phones inside the house and the outside plug in and then wait a few minutes then replug the OUTSIDE line into the NID (network interface device). Then try to call yourself.

If you do not get a busy at that point. Plug each phone device in one at a time, calling after each one to see if one of the devices is causing the problem. If it is not the device itself, it may lead you to which jack may be the culprit.

Do you have an alarm of any kind that calls when in alarm?
If so, unplug it from the phone line. It may be truing to call or malfunctioned and captured the phone line.

Post back with results.
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Nap you sound like a phone tech, good procedure.
The busy siginal is being caused by a device, jack or cable short. Use a flashlight and good eyesight to look inside the hole of the jack and you will see 2 to 6 pins the two center ones dleiver you DT make sure they are not touching. If removing all the equipment or eleminating the jacks and still recieve a busy siginal then you need to isolate the cable causing the problem. At the box you can pull DT from is where your house cable connects to the TelCo equiment, label and remove one wire at a time calling after each is removed, until you start recieving ring back when calling your # then you have your culprate.

FYI, If the wire is open or broken you recieve ringback, shorted recive busy siginal

Check your telephone bill closely or call them, you may be paying for a wire maintance plan which would cover inside wiring.

Good luck

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Originally Posted by Spat
Nap you sound like a phone tech, good procedure.
I'm not a phone tech but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!??


I'm not a phone tech but I play one on TV?
I am an electrician with a bit of training and experience in telecom/data. I get to play with it once in awhile and do some basic work. Thanks for the compliment.
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You have a short in your inside wiring somewhere. It could be at one of the jacks, it could be in the wires.

Disconnect the wires from one of the jacks, and test again. If it works, that jack is your problem. If it doesn't, reconnect that jack properly and disconnect the other jack.

If you end up with both jacks not being the problem, then the wiring, or the main connections are bad.
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i had one a few days ago, her sister gave her a new cordless, and when it was properly installed, the whole system failed and gave a busy tone. bad new phone, bad, bad new phone, once it was replaced with a replacement, it was all good. must of been a bad night for that production worker in... guess the country,


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