Splitting my incomming phone wire

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Splitting my incomming phone wire

I have a line in from the phone company.
I use DSL from the phone company.

I have a patch pannel where I will distribute the phone wires to all parts of my house.

How do I best split my incomming phone line to attach up to 8 lines to my patch pannel?

I would preferably like to filter the dsl signal before I split the phone line up any more. I only intend to run the unfiltered portion to my wiring room where my dsl modem is.

Any information would be great. ANd if you can point me to where I can purchase any of the equipment I need would be even greater.
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easiest before the patch panel

I've been looking for the same thing and found two possibilities that I am not satisfied with.

- Ideally, I'd want a combination splitter/DSL filter with screw terminals that I could put immediately before the patch panel. The filtered side would feed into the existing patch panel and the DSL side would go directly to the DSL modem. If you want it to go over one of the phone lines, you might want to treat it as two separate lines (if the patch panel supports that) or use a second patch panel. However I could not find a splitter/filter like this.

- One possibility is replacing the patch panel. I've seen structural wiring boxes at a local big box store that are exactly what you need. However this is more expensive and requires replacing the patch panel (a little more work). I did this with my last house.

- Another possibility is to use standard splitter and DSL filter before the patch panel. Unfortunately these tend to be poor quality, use the modular plugs and are separate pieces. Feed the incoming line into a cheap baseboard phone jack and plug a cheap phone line splitter into that. Use a standard phone cord to connect the splitter to the DSL modem. Take one of the free DSL filters your DSL provider gave you and plug it into the other side of the splitter. Cut off one end of a phone cord, then plug one end into the filter and attach the wires at the other end to your patch panel where the incoming line used to be. This is more pieces, not as neat and "professional" looking, and may be less reliable, but it is less expensive and you can easily find all the parts (may already have them). I will probably do this in my current house.

One place I like for stuff like this is youdoitelectronics dot com, but I live near there and can visit so I've never tried them online.

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