Basic connection question


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Basic connection question

Trying to hook up a temporary phone line in my remodel for a voice dialer for my Security alarm. How do I connect the wires to the exterior junction box & the phone jack? I'll probably just grab some basic 4-wire for this. It'll be ripped out in a few months anyway.

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If you were wiring an ordinary phone, you could just run a cat3 cable from the NID (telco box) to the jack. At the NID you'd screw down the cable's blue/white and white/blue wires to the red and green terminals, right with the other premises wiring screwed down there. Make the same connections at the temporary jack, and you're all set.

However, you said this was for an alarm, which is more involved because the alarm needs to take priority over other phone activity.

Some alarms have two jacks: one that needs to go to the NID, and the other connecting to the rest of the premises wiring. In this case, you would disconnect the existing building wiring from the NID's terminals, then connect blue/white and white/blue as above. You'd then connect orange/white and white/orange to the premises wiring that you just disconnected. Use 3M ScotchLoc connectors for reliability. At the temporary phone jack side, you'd want to get a surface mount box with two jacks. Wire the blue/white pair to the red and green terminals on one jack and mark it "TELCO". Wire the orange/white pair to the red and green terminals on the other jack and mark it "PREMISES". Plug the alarm in accordingly.

Other alarms require an RJ31X jack. At the NID, connect blue/white and orange/white as above. At the temporary location, connect blue/white to pin 4 and white/blue to pin 5. Connect orange/white to pin 1 and white/orange to pin 8.

Once everything is wired, test the system by placing a voice call and testing the alarm system while the call is in progress. Your voice call should get disconnected and your alarm test should succeed.

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