VoIP Phone system set up. Is this possible?


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Cool VoIP Phone system set up. Is this possible?

1. I have cable via Adelphia (Comcast)

2. I have High Speed Internet via Adelphia (Comcast)

3. I have phone via VoIP Vonage connected to the Cable Modem feeding on the cable supply from Adelphia.

To be able to use phones in each room (via the already installed phone jacks) via the VoIP phone router. So that I do not have to use a wired telephone base station and then wireless phone handsets for each room.

My idea of how this can happen:
Move the Cable Modem and the Phone router (VoIP) to the basement where the Cable feed initially comes in. Connect the phone line to the Line out in the cable modem. This would be the phone line that connects to all the rooms via the lines and the phone jacks.

Run the Ethernet cables from the Phone router upto our study where the Wireless Broadband Router would be placed. I need the Router in the study, because my work involves having to connect a laptop via Ethernet cable instead of wirelessly.

There you have it. Convoluted. But that is the 'vision'

Is this do-able?
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I don't know what you mean "lineout" on the cable modem.

You would disconnect your inside phone wiring from the telco at the NID (and tape up the plug in the NID), and plug the telephone jack on the VOIP router to an inside telephone jack. Install one at the VOIP router if there isn't one there.
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By lineout I meant the jack at the back of the phone router where you would connect the telephone cable of the phone that would be used with the phone router
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If you unplug your house's wiring at the NID, you can plug the vonage box into any phone jack in your house, and you'll have dial tone in all the other jacks. Quite simple.

Put a note inside the NID so the phone company doesn't accidentally plug it back in -- it could fry your Vonage box.
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^^ That's exactly what I did for my packet8.com phone line and it has worked perfectly for several months now. I would recommend putting the voip box, cable modem, and possibly a phone on a nice size battery backup just in case the power goes out.

Just my 2 cents.
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