phone line repair


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phone line repair

I am having trouble with my phone line that it does not have any dial tone. i went out side checked the box where it comes to the house and it works out there so must be an internal problem it started with static then no dial tone. do most people use the phone company for repairing inside or do electricians troubleshoot inside lines not sure what the norm is
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electricians probably won't know much more than you about it .

look in the phone book under telephone installation/repair should be lots there to help you
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you only use 2 wires for your phone it really isn't that hard to work on. the main thing first is make sure your connections are all good and clean, make sure you have no corrosion on them. the phone company will soak you pretty hard to work on unless you have it in your phone billing package plan.
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You may not have to call someone at all, if you are comfortable opening up your phone box outside and removing your wall jack and just trying a bit of rewiring. Depending on what type of cable your phone lines use, there may be 2, 4, or 5 pairs of wires in it. The norm used to be "TK" cable, which has a red wire, yellow wire, green wire, and a black wire. If you have TK wire, see what pair is hooked up (probably red/green)...if this is the case, try hooking up yellow/black instead (both outside in the phone box and on the back of your phone jack). If you have 4 pair wire, the blue pair is probably in use. Try the orange pair, the brown pair, or the green pair. You probably do not have 5 pair wire, this would be highly unusual for a residential application. If this still doesn't work, you'd need a tone generator to troubleshoot further. BTW, I'm an electrician, and I think I can troubleshoot and fix residential phone lines just fine.....however, I'm also a computer geek and networking geek, so that probably helps. If you need more advice, I'd be glad to provide it, also, if you could post a picture of the inside of your phone panel and the back of your phone jack (where the wires attach), this may be helpful.

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