What size coax cable for internet


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Question What size coax cable for internet

I am having cable High speed internet service installed to the house and was wondering if it mattered what kind of coaxial cable line is used. There is already an existing line into the house. It is a pair of connected coaxials each about 1/4" in diameter. This line goes from the main connection, across the garage attic and then ends quite a ways away from where the computer room is. I also have a roll of coaxial cable that measures about 7/16" in diameter and is long enough to reach the computer room. It was in the garage when I bought the house. I'm not sure what either cable line was used for. I was thinking of wiring the cable line for the high speed internet connection myself before the cable company comes to hook up and was wondering if I could use either or both of these coaxial cables that I already have.
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rj6 quad shield would be my choice

when we had ours installed the installation included a new run to the main computer

if you do run your own just leave it un terminated and let them put the connector on

look on the jacket of the cable you have it should be stamped every few feet as to what type cable it is

if its difficult to get to where you want the cable putting a pull string in for the cable guy will get you a better install
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I had internet hooked up yesterday at my rental. There was only one line hooked up in the box by the back door and that was for my little TV. The other connections were for other rooms where previous renters had TVs. Although the cable comes up out of the crawl space for the TV in the bedroom, they determined that the wire necessary for the office was in the attic.

One guy commented that it was a wonder I was receiving TV because the signal measured -10 and that it should be +30. He attributed that to old cable. Whatever they did, I saw no change in the TV.

But, I do have internet connection. The cable has printed on it: TFC-T10 File # E86650 CATV (UL) 6 Series 18AWG. The guy said it was the best cable out there and that if I move to take it with me.

I would suggest your leaving everything to the cable guy. You won't save anything by DIYing with the discovered cable. My installation was $50.00 plus tax.
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What is important is that the cable be RG6. Other types of coax are not necessarily the same impedance and may not work.

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