Radio Scanner Questions

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Radio Scanner Questions

I have a Radioshack Pro-2052 scanner I got about a year ago.

It's dual trunking with 1000 channels (20 banks). I know they've got triple trunking scanners out now, because that's what I listen with at work, and there's always someone talking.

Somebody told me even though my scanner is only a year old, it's obsolete, and I'll only pick up half of the conversations.

I've got a free program that allows me to control it from my computer. That makes programming easy.

Right now I've got all the frequencies put in for two counties, but am not getting much conversation.

Could anyone explain to me triple trunking vs. dual trunking? Do I have to go out and get a triple trunking scanner now?

Thanks for anything
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I know this thread is a bit old, but surprising that there wasn't one single response. So just for the archive:

The only difference between dual trunking and triple trunking is the addition of digital support. Buying a triple trunking scanner is completely a waste of money unless the agencies in your area are using a digital system. As of now the majority of the country is not. To the original poster though, the fact that your business is exclusively using triple trunked scanners may be an indication that you really do have a digital system over there.

My fear is that when these cities countrywide do finally shell out the cash to upgrade to digital systems, at the same time they'll just go a step further and use encryption as well. Bye-bye casual scanner listening for those residents.

In general, if you're not hearing what you think you should be, the causes in order of likelyhood are:

1: You don't really have "all the frequencies". Getting them from another scanner which you have listened to is of course the best starting point. But all these scanner frequency web sites you see out there are usually _horribly_ outdated or were never correct to begin with. Especially stay away from sites which let you search the whole country and just dump tables of results. Sites dedicated to your area run by real listeners are best. Next best is a painstaking geocentric search on the FCC's site. I would have put the "Police Call" books up there but those have been discontinued.

2. You have the proper frequencies, but you haven't entered the trunked systems properly. Scanners are extremely finicky about how the trunked freqs are entered and every scanner is different. It even varies by type of system. For example Motorola trunks you can just enter willy-nilly and combine regular FM frequencies in the bank, but with an EDACS system they must be entered in the proper order. Also of course you have to tell your scanner which type of system it is. Talkgroup IDs become an issue once you tell your scanner to filter on them.

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The lack of scanner activity came up in the news recently where I live. Turns out the police are using their cell phones more and more to prevent eavesdropping.
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That, they definitely are. Fortunately where I live they'll at least say over the radio when they're going to make such a call to make sure the other guy is by his phone. So at least you know when you're missing something.

I think the greater threat is the mobile data terminals they all seem to be getting lately in their cars. If something sensitive needs to be said they just send an instant message on their computer. Then all you get to hear on the radio is "I just sent you a trip, I don't want to put it over the air but look it over." Not fun!

I say, if they're using my tax dollars I should get to hear what they're doing with them.
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Radio Scanner question

For future reference, the apparently largest scanner/whatever site is Sub-boards according to States, localities, counties, trunking types, Military, Federal, whatever. Lots, I mean lots of stuff about scannners.

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