Telephone problem after restored service


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Telephone problem after restored service

After recent storms we lost phone service in our area for about 3 days. When service was restored, the only phone that works is the corded telephone, our 2 cordless and internet connection no longer get dialtone. I can move the corded phone to the other jacks and it still works fine. When a call comes in, the cordless rings and displays caller ID, but no dial tone or caller can be heard. When I dial out on the internet, I get "no dial tone" error message.
Any Ideas?
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Have you powered off the cordless phone and then plugged it back in? And of course place the handset on the cradle once if you have not already done so.

As for the modem problem, hmmm... still thinking that one over. Since you've confirmed that the jack works I can't for the life of me think of a reason that your modem would be having a problem. Try this: Listen on your corded phone while your computer is trying to dial out. You should hear a click as the computer "picks up" before trying to dial. If not, you may have an unrelated issue. Perhaps you jarred the cord going into the computer itself while you were doing this troubleshooting? (This is all assuming that your modem speaker is off and you can't hear what's going on.)

By the way I always disable the wait for dialtone on my modems. Find it dicey at times, especially with the voice mail stutter dial tone and numerous other reasons.
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Yes, unplugged cordless from power and tele jack and then reconnected both. This is what phone co said to do. Not sure about computer modem sounds.
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You may have had a surge that damaged some equipment (such as the phone or the modem).
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One thing I would check is the polarity of the phone lines. Most single-line phones use just two conductors (usually colored red and green) to operate. However, polarity is important, as some phones will not operate if the polarity is reversed. You can buy polarity testers at Radio Shack for under $10. I'd also ask the phone company to do a quick check of the polarity. If the storm broke some connections downstream, its entirely possible when they repaired the damaged wires, they got the polarity reversed.
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polarity has nothing at all to do with no dialtone

your electronic phones where zapped , replace them
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Exactly Mango Man. Polarity, since Alexander invented the damn thing never had anything to do with dial tone. The only 2 phones effected by polarity are party lines (polarity distinguishes the rings for each 1/2 of the party(ies) and several early touch tone phones would not dial out if reveresed (but still answer and still draw dial tone)..

Lighting kills phones and modems and attacks any telephony device hardest if it has both phone and hydro going to it ie, computer modems, corded phones with power packs and all cordless phones, satelite receivers (although usually just the modem portion) and fax machines.

Also, if you still must know the polarity, the tip side (very old naming convention) is ground in the central office and should measure 20-60 ohms to a local ground in the house and the ring side (hot if you will) is negative 48vdc give or take 6vdc.. On some newer electronic switches, the ring side may be as low as 24vdc but will always be negative referenced to ground so a simple volt meter will tell you ring from tip. What you do with that info once you have it is up to you!

Greg Moore
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My guess, is the hook "relay" has failed.
It could be repaired, but not cost effectively.
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You could test your phones localy


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>
Polarity is not important, wou shold be able to talk between phones, and hear the touch tones from the other one, no more, If this works the telephones are working at least to dial out, the ringer is not tested.

If its not working the telephone is probably dead.

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Thanks for all the responses.
It was apparently a surge of some sort, even though the storm didn't seem to be electrical.
-One of the cordless, while still rings and shows caller ID was tested on a working line at another location with the same results. I guess it is toast.
-The other phone (which is also a fax) and computer were on a surge protector. The surge protector is shot, won't let reset the phone line circuit, but did protect the modem and tele/fax.
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