phone jack not working


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phone jack not working

I have several phone jack in my house that don't work. I've changed the jack but still nothing. Before I start working with the demarc box. Is there anything else I should do? What should I be doing/looking for in the demarc box?
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First, just unplug the jack in the box, and plug your phone in there. If no dial tone, then call the phone company and check the account and ask for service.

If some of your jacks work, then you have other issues.

Was the house wired for 2 lines maybe? One for the kids rooms or a home office? Are all the jacks wired the same?

The experts will be able to tell you what to check for if you have dial tone at the box.
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No dial tone at jack

YOu may want to check other outlets to see what color wires are connected. You say other jacks are working, the wiring at one jack is not That jack may be using another pair of wires as the other poster mentioned. You could also check at the NID, d-marc to see if there are other wires not connected.
Could be a continuous single line (3-pair) wire or IW (red/green/yellow/black) inside wiring thorughout the house and the loop-thru wiring from another jack has been cut or not connected.
Most common wiring used in older houses use the red/green pair, newer houses use (white/blue, blue/white pair), and a second line in houses most commonly used is the yellow/black pair or (white/orange, orange/white pair).

Hope this infomation helps,

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I recently had the same problem. There was a loose wire in one of the jacks that was causing any jacks "downstream" not to work. Go around your house with a phone and check all of the lines. If some work, and others don't, this is most likely the problem. Also, check to make sure the ones not working are wired the same as the ones that work. It just takes a lot of troubleshooting, but you can figure it out.

Also, I'd suggest checking to make sure you don't already pay the phone company a monthly "inside wiring" fee to repair lines inside of your house. If you do, I'd just get them to fix the problem! I personally don't have that coverage.

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