568A or B...or does it matter in this case??

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568A or B...or does it matter in this case??

I have collected the necessary material (Cat 6 cable, Leviton jacks, plate covers, old work boxes, etc) to finally run cable in to each of 4 rooms, as opposed to now having long patch cable tucked under rugs, behind baseboards, etc.
My plan is a 4 gang box in the wall behind my router/WAP w/ jacks for each room, cable run up through attic and dropped into each room, terminated in a single gang with a data jack.

I know 568 A and B are terminated differently....brown and orange pairs reversed, i think. My gut tells me my NEW wiring wont matter, as long as terminations are matched correctly at each end. I dont know what comvention is followed for "OTC" patch cables at Rat shack, best buy, etc., or what convention the router jacks are wired to.

My question is: Do I need to know if "A" or "B" convention is used at router output, or am i just overthinking the whole thing?? If this needs to be in Computer forum, I apologize.

Thanks in advance.
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It does not matter as long as they are the same on both ends. With that being said, networking people usually use the b format and telco uses a.
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Crossover cable

Just wanted to add this, If you were to need a Crossover cable "used when connecting switches together and also in some cases direct pc to pc connection you would use A on one side and B on the other.


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