Phones went dead

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Phones went dead

I'm trying to upgrade my home, so in the process, I replaced an old phone jack (old round one where wires clipped into side pinch points on back of jack, with the new standard jack with 6 colors, red, green, blue, yellow etc...

After installing the new and tossing the old, half the phones in my house work, and half now don't. I never checked the phone jack that I upgraded before I worked on it, but the new jack is one of the ones that is working...and my primary phone, down in the kitchen, all of a sudden does not.

I did some preliminary checks, and the phone works when plugged into one of the working jacks, so the phone did not all of a sudden go dead on me.

Also, when wiring, I followed instructions, blue wire into red screw, white with blue stripe into green screw, but there were also two sets of wires, orange and orange with white stripe (or maybe white with orange stripe) which were cut and re-spliced together(but not touching each other) back in the box and not hooked up to the jack.

Can you think of anything I did while wiring the new jack that would make the rest of my phones not work? And I believe that the house is wired for multiple lines(previous owner had a few kids), but I only have one line running right now.

Thanks for any help and advice you can give.
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phone jacks

need more info is their one wire entering the jack or two wires entering the jack they could be what you call daisy chained wich means one wire is carrying dial tone in to the jack and the other wire leaves the jack and goes to the next one also is the wire that is there 2 pr red/green blk/yellow or 4 pr wich is a blue /wht blue pr an orange pr the same way green pr the same way and a brown pr the same way
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If there are two sets of orange & white/orange in the box, there are probably two sets of blue & white/blue as well. If you only hooked up one pair of blue wires, the other pair may be stuffed inside where it's difficult to see. If so, connect them to the same terminals that have the existing blue & white/blue wires and you should be good to go.

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