trouble shooting static on my phone

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trouble shooting static on my phone

I have been having a lot of static on my home phone for the last 3 months. I have dsl so yes I have filters on all my phones. I have had dsl for about 4years and I have notice since I have had it the quality of volume is very low. I have a hard time hearing people no matter which phone I am using. I have corded and cordless and the quality is still the same. However that is not my main concern right now. I have had this static on all my lines and I have a hard time keeping a connection to the internet because of the static. They came out and found a problem on the out side in their box but said it was taken care of. However it lasted for about 2 days. They want to charge me like $100 dollars to come in my house and check my phone lines. I was told to go outside my house and plug in a phone in the box outside of my house and I did and sometimes I hear the static and some times I do not here it out there. How can I trouble shoot inside my wiring to try and fix it myself so it does not cost me so much money?
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At the NID (the outside box) be sure you unplug all the rj11 plugs just to be sure you are disconnecting all of your premises wiring.

after that, if you hear it while jacked into the NID, you have an incoming line problem. While you may also have a premises wiring problem, you need to fix what you know is bad before you can take the next step.

get the phone company to fix their stuff and then go from there.
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typically most static issues are caused by moisture or wetness in the phone line. take a corded phone out to your phone box and check to see if there is static coming directly out of the box. (this will bypass all of your inside wiring.)
If you determine the static is coming from in the home, go to your punch down block or demarc area and start disconnecting one phone line at a time until the static goes away. when it does, you have found the line that is causing the issue. i would recomend getting a butt (test) phone from your local home depot for easy testing.
it could be as easy as swapping the pairs from the demarc to the jack or just replacing the jack itself.

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