viop phone service

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viop phone service

I'm looking into switching my phone service to power phone voip service. any good or bad experiences with the company?
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Voip service

Hi Bens,

I don't know anything about power phone voip service, but I do know about both Skype and Majac Jack.

I am currently using both. Skype has two features. One is free which lets you use your voip from computer to computer includes both voice and video. The other part is called Skype out and that lets you use your computer to call any land line or cell phone with unlimited calling anyware in the US and Canada. Their cost is either $2.70 per month or around seven dollars and change for three months. Go to Skype ? Make free calls and great value calls on the internet and check it out for yourself. You must have Windows XP or Vista and hi speed access.

Then there is my favorite, Majac Jack. For just $19.95 A YEAR you can have unlimited phone service to the US and Canada. You can even get a number in your local calling area that you can take along with you anyware in the world and make calls to anyware in the US at no further charges as long as there is hi speed internet service there. The first charge is $39.99 because they give you the device needed which includes that one year of service. After the year is up then it is only $19.95 You can make and receive calls and faxes.

I hope that I have helped you, and by the way they both work just great, but I do favor the Majac Jack.

Good luck, and please let me know how you make out.

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I'm looking into switching my phone service to power phone voip service. any good or bad experiences with the company?
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One bad thing with VoIP providers is they will lease a line from another carrier, so there is a lot of "middle man" problems. Example, you live in an AT&T area, the VoIP provider will lease a line from a smaller carrier, who leases the line from AT&T in the first place. So if you are having trouble on the line, you have to talk to the VoIP provider, they talk to the smaller carrier, then that carrier talks to AT&T who in turns opens up a wholesale repair ticket.

I have seen ALOT of VoIP customers have a lot of problems, from poor call quality, to being out of service completely. But I have also seen lots of people with no problems at all. My advise is if you want to try them out, go for it, but if you have ANY issues in the first week, chances are you will have numerous problems down the road. You may want to speak with the new company and ask them if there is any "grace" period you can switch back to your old carrier if you're not happy. Hope that helped even a bit.
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Maybe you should read this article:
Things to Think About BEFORE Ordering VoIP

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I recommend Broadvoice.

I converted my POTS line to Broadvoice a few years ago with the Bring-Your-Own-Device plan and I have never been happier: BroadVoice: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) VoIP for SIP Phones & Softphones

Granted, my wife and I make very few calls on the line, so the service suits us very well ... and we didn't need to change our phone number when we moved.

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