Problem installing phone jacks?

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Question Problem installing phone jacks?


Our newly built home has a blue cable coming in to the basement with no jack on it. The same blue cable then runs through out the entire home. Our builder has created the ruff ins for our jacks and I can see the blue cable there. What I'm confused about is that blue cable in the ruff in jack loops like a U shape and there is no end.

How do I install a phone jack at that loop? If I cut it will it not break the phone circuit throughout the entire house? Or do I just take the shield off at that loop and use the 2 wires required for phone service?

Thanks in advance
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Is this something the builder's electrician forgot to do? Normally those jacks are terminated and installed per contract.

Sounds like the builder installed Cat5 or Cat6 for phones. Telephone is a "daisy chain" of parallel wires that connect at multiple locations. You can cut the loop and strip off the blue jacket (careful - don't nick the wires!). The blue pair is your active Line 1 telephone line. Connect the blue pair to the back of the wall plate jack. Connect both sides of the loop to the wall plate or your downstream phones won't work.
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On this note, when CAT5 or CAT6 cable is used, you now have the ability to set up for multiple phone lines in your home, and they will be available everywhere. If for any reason, you need two phone numbers, this is possible with this cabling.
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Are you sure there is not an end in the ruff in? Did you pull the cable out a little, it might just be knotted. Usually they leave you with a lot of extra phone cable in each box, so they will do a loop knot with it and push it back in the box. And I'm guessing if the contractors were too cheap to finish the job, then they didn't use cat6.

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