How so I take down a 30 foot antenna tower?


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How so I take down a 30 foot antenna tower?

This is a free-standing tower with a rotor & TV antenna on top. I wasn't there when it was installed next to my house so I don't know how it went up. Looks too heavy to ease it down by removing the rear bolt from the 3-post base. I was considering just dropping it--the antenna & rotor are junk--but I don't want to bend the tower.

What's the trick?

Not sure if this is the best forum to ask this question, either...
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You need a device called a Gin pole, which basically is a pole that hooks on the section below that which you are removing, and goes up above the center of what you are taking down, and has a pulley at its top, you use to lower each section down individually.

Call your local amateur radio club or a TV antenna company.
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You could also probably get a crane service (rigging company) to take it down.
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Thirty feet is a long way down. A free standing tower ( no guys ) of undetermined age or condition could give you a nasty ride down. Even with a gin pole, you need an approved safety harness and, old, probably rusted bolts can be a bear to break loose and drive out,

More than one ham op has been fried when the tower went the wrong way and contacted live wires.

I suggest giving this job to the pros.

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I was hoping for more of a 'redneck' method that doesn't cost anything. I just want to take it down & dispose of it. If I don't damage it in the process I might be able to sell it for a few bucks--but certainly not for the kind of money you're suggesting it would cost to lower it.

The base is pivoted and can only go away from the house. There's no power lines for a 1/4 mile. No trees or anything else. If my house wasn't sided I'd run an eyebolt into the fascia & attach a pulley. Still might.
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Why not advertise it at the same place you might sell it...either as a you take it down and haul it away for free...or make me an offer if I take it down. If it's hinged you can always run a line up over the house somehow, but I wouldn't be drilling into facia or anything.
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Can you run a long rope over the roof and anchor on the other side of the house? If you anchor to your pickup truck, be sure you have all the keys.
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I agree with GunGuy. Put an ad on your local craigslist for the tower "as is where is, you take it down" for $100. Somebody may bite.

If I was to take it down, I would rent a boom lift and take it down in sections. 30' is really not that high.
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Honestly, if it will not damage your house I would just let it fall.
To risk having someone inexperienced try to take it down and then hurt himself for a hundred bucks or so does not make sense.
And to lay a rope across your roof and have it damage your shingles is also not worth the effort.

Drop it if you can do it safely and take it to the dump.

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