Tracfone~will not activate!


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Tracfone~will not activate!

I ordered a Tracfone over the internet. It arrived last Tuesday morning.
I went online and activated the phone and bought 60 minutes to add to the 20 minutes that came with the phone.
When I tried to use it I found I had no service. I checked for a phone number and it had none.
So I called them and they did their thing and gave me a phone number in an area code some 300 miles away. After some effort, they gave me another number that was local.
Then I found the phone did not show the minutes I had bought so I call them again. Now it turns out that my phone is still not activated!
So, after being transferred many times and being on the phone with them for hours they determine that my sim card # is not what they have on record for the phone and they say they have to change that in their system but it will take 24 hours.
So~~~after waiting 24 hours it's still not active so I called them again. OK they want another 24 hours!
So I wait a day and a half and checked the phone~nothing
I called them again and told them I want to return the phone and get credit for the minutes. They tell my I can do that but I have to pay for shipping! It will cost me some $8 estimated to return a phone that cost me $22 delivered. Oh, and they say they have no way to refund the minutes I bought for some $22.
I don't know what this company's problem is but after 5 days of phone calls and many hours of the phone I still have nothing!
I am thinking that the only way to get my money back is to challenge the charges on my credit card.
Has anyone else had problems like this with Tracfone?
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Wal-Mart around here sells Tracfone....See if they can be of any help to you. Worth a shot!
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No, that's not fair to Wal Mart. I did not buy it from them as they don't carry the LG 420 in the store and it's what I wanted.
The phone is in the box, postmarked and will be in the system in the morning.
So much for Tracfone!
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I have a Trac Fone using the CDMA network (no SIMS card). I got it registered and online OK and set up the voice mail. The phone would let people leave voice mail messages just fine. But when I went to try to retreive the messages, I could never get my password to work. Multiple emails and phone calls to Trac Fone's South American "support center" kept promising that they'd reset my voice mail retreival code, but it never would work, and voicemails kept piling up. Finally, they informed me that "voicemail service was not available in my area" and disabled the VM function. The voicemail was available and obviously working, but for some reason, my phone could not access my mailbox. So they took the easy way out and just eliminated a rather important function of cell phones.

Trac Fone seems to be the biggest provider of prepaid cell phone service, but their customer support is absolutely horrible. There's the usual long wait on hold, followed by someone whose expertise with the English language is less than acceptable. Another huge issue with Trac Fone I have is that their home coverage area is just a small geographic area. I work 45 miles from my residence, and I'm on roaming anytime I'm at work.
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Wow, it appears they have multiple problems.
Now I am really glad I sent mine in for refund. They told me I had to use FEDEX, the same way they sent it to me.
I told them as I was paying the return I would use USPS Priority as it was cheaper and it would still be tracked for me.
South American CS Reps huh? I was wondering where they were as some were really hard to understand.

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