Connecting VOIP Phone to ADT Burglar Alarm


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Connecting VOIP Phone to ADT Burglar Alarm

I have an ADT Burglar alarm system that places calls to the ADT monitoring center. It worked fine when I had an AT&T land line. I recently switched to using voice over IP (VOIP). The LinkSys phone adapter works fine for voice communication. The burglar alarm system uses a Honeywell WA3001-4.2 processor. The phone line connected to it previously used 4 wires (brown, gray, green, red) which fed into a CAT5 type of connector which then goes into the wall. I believe it was set up to be able to "take over" the phone system and not be interrupted by someone having the phone off the hook. I tried hooking a 4-wire phone line using the same connectors on the Honeywell processor (yellow, black, green, red). The other end of the line goes into the Cisco phone adapter which is plugged into the internet router. When I test it using the alarm keypadn FC error code (Failed Communication). I called ADT and they are only occaisonally getting any signal from me.
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Using VoIP for alarm monitoring is a crap shoot. It might work sometimes but most of the time it won't. Same is true using VoIP with a dial-up modem. The problem arises from the way the data is transferred. Some ISPs and VoIP service providers are better than others in this respect but I would NEVER advise someone to use VoIP for any kind of critical alarm monitoring.
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Is this a standalone VoIP like Vonage? Or is it offered by your cable company? Cable company phone is handled in a different way than straight-up VoIP, which makes it much more reliable for alarm communications, and some even guarantee it. Vonage however, will be hit or miss. Honestly I never had a problem with it, my system tested fine every time, but I went cellular because I didn't trust it.
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I have a similar issue with Comcast VoIP and and ADT alarm. Everything was working fine when the modem was in a separate room than the alarm and telephone hub. I moved the modem to the same room as the alarm and telephone hub and I thought I connected everything back exactly as it was before, but apparently not. Here's my current setup from the modem (one telephone line in the house):

----red---->splice>---red-->RJ31X jack>----black--->Telephone distribution hub
----green-->splice>-green->RJ31X jack>---yellow-->Telephone distribution hub
(I hope that makes sense. The alarm is plugged into the RJ31X jack)

The only thing I changed from the old setup is the wires from the modem at the splice. The house is wired for Cat5 so the blue and blue/white wire were coming from the modem. All I did was swap the blue wire for the red wire and the blue/white wire for the green wire and now I have no telephone in the house.
What could be causing this? This is my first real telephone wiring project, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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