Max extension distance-phone/dsl and ethernet

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Max extension distance-phone/dsl and ethernet

I have an outbuilding that I'd like to extend phone service to. What is the maximum distance I could run phone line and expect the phone to work? Same for the dsl, which is the same wire line. The building is ~300 ft away.

What would the limitation be if I were to run ethernet cable from my router instead of using the dsl line. Would still need phone service.

Thanks for any help.

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Maximum distance on the telephone is probably several miles. The DSL is going to depend on how far you are from the telephone company "central office" as DSL IS dicey after about 10,000 (it may be 20,000) feet if I remember correctly. Down side is that you need a modem between the telephone connection and the computer and DSL is generally limited to only one modem.

Ethernet is generally limited to 100 meters which is about 330 feet. Using a powered switch, hub or router starts that 100 meters all over again. Running fiber optic and using Ethernet/fiber adapters at each end may be a viable option.
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Most cordless phones will reach out 300 + feet. Some wifi will also push that distance, depending on the location of the base and possible obstructions.
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The maximum distance for Cat2 cabling for analog telephone is up to 24,000 feet (or 4.5 miles). If you are trying to run a digital phone and DSL line the maximum distance is 100m (or 328 feet). While fiber use to be the only solution (and very costly) to run past that barrier, there are new products out to use Ethernet cable to run past 100m. Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts has kits you can buy that will run Ethernet Cabling up to 6000 feet and provide 100Mbps. Now if you are only going to be running 300 feet you should be fine with just the Ethernet cable. *****************

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