Lost connectivity to home security system after cutting phone line


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Lost connectivity to home security system after cutting phone line

Hi! I had an unsightly unused phone jack in my kitchen removed just leaving two separate sets of lines-pair blue & white w/blue, orange & white w/orange and I think the last pair is yellow & white w/yellow (but not positive of last colored pair).
Now I lost connectivity to security and cant figure out what type of jack and what lines to connect to undo the mess I made.

I have read that the red and green ph lines connect to the yellow & black of the security box in the house and tried connecting the blue & white w/ blue to the red and green but I;m getting confused.
Can someone guide me?
Thank you!
ps the security co. will gladly send someone for $75 to enter the house and $25 every 15 min but its very costly
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If I understand correctly, you have two different sets of wires coming into the electrical box. They each contain 3 pairs of wires (blue & white w/blue, orange & white w/orange and yellow & white w/yellow). If this is correct, have you tried just connecting the wires of matching colors? It is possible that they were joined at the jack with one set coming from your phone company's junction box outside your home and the other set going to the alarm system. If this works, you can just buy a blank cover for the electrical box and paint it to match the wall around it.
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My brain is fried today but if you ask this question in the Electronic Alarms and Home Security Devices forum (up a couple of categories) you will have a better shot at getting the answer you need.
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I would try just connecting color-for-color and wrap each connection with plastic tape.

Did you cut the wires -- is it possible to look at the jack and see how it WAS connected? Do you have a voltmeter to check voltage?

Most alarm systems are connected at the box on the side of the house in order to get line seizure -- could the loss of comm be coincidental and not because of the jack?

Look in your alarm control panel [pull cover off the phone jack] and see if the incoming cable looks like one in your kitchen.

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