Help in removing rotary phone


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Help in removing rotary phone

I want to remove an old rotary phone from my late FIL's home. It was given to him in the late 90s as a retirement gift.

I've tried loosening the two screws at the front but the cover doesn't come off. Once I pull the dial out, only the cover's top part is loose but the bottom part is still attached to the main body. In some Google results, there's supposed to be a metal clip where the receiver cord comes out from the main phone. There's no metal clip. I can't see anywhere else at the bottom part where I can insert a screwdriver to push anything to release the bottom part of it.

I've tried moving the back wood board but it doesn't budge much. The phone still works very well.

Anyone can help? I'm going crazy trying to figure this out.

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Not really sure but most phones we have attach to a plate on the wall you usually just push up the whole thing and then remove it from the wall. This phone may be attached differently though as I have never seen a phone like that. You could try pushing up as hard as you can and hopefully that will remove the phone. Other than that I can't say I know there are a few retired phone installers on the forum and they may have seen this type of phone before. Good luck to you!
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Agreed. This should be what's behind the phone. The two screws are raised to mate to slots in the back of a typical phone. Pushing up on the phone will release it from the backplate -- if it's standard.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to push it up to see if it will work.
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When my parents bought their home in 1980, people were still renting their phones from the phone company. They had someone come out to replace the one downstairs and the tech asked if there was any plan to buy the phone down the road, as it was not installed in the standard fashion. When told there was not, he simply pulled the cover off the existing phone and put a new one on. Years later when they owned the phones and wanted me to put a touch tone phone down there, I had to remove that hard wired phone and install a proper jack to do so.
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I imagine you've probably figured it out by now but I am a retired telephone company technician. If it was given to your FIL in the 90's, it probably is a modular type like previous person pointed out so yes, you should just be able to push up of the standard modular wall plate.

The older wall phones did indeed have a metal clip on the bottom and when pressed in, it would allow you to lift and remove the phone's cover then revealing the mounting screws on the metal base plate.
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Since it was a retirement gift, my first question would be - does it work? If not, just push up on the wood plaque base and it will probably come off the wall. I would think that it's held in place by keyhole slots in the back of the plaque.
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To remove the cover it should be just the 2 screws and lurking the cover off. You may need to do it in 2 or 3 steps. Be avare of this is a collectors item, and could be sold on Ebay for more than $50.
(As I can not afford with shipping to Norway :-( )

Good luck

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