Correctly wiring indoor network panel (ATT Uverse router)

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Correctly wiring indoor network panel (ATT Uverse router)

Let me start by saying that my internet is working and I am happy about that. I am trying to set up a network panel inside so that it is very easy in the future to just plug in new additions if I expand my system. right now we have the phone line coming to the house to the NID on the side of the house. THe supply to the house are three twisted pairs (green/green-white, blue/blue-white, orange/orange-white). This is difficult to display in words: The blue/blue-white from ATT goes to my green/green-white that goes into my network panel inside into a demarcation plug that goes into a flat four wire phone line that goes into my uverse router input labeled "phone line". There is a twisted brown pair from my Cat5 that goes into the NID and is hooked up to the red/green wires in what looks like a DSL splitter in the NID. The confusing thing is that my CAT5 cable from inside has the blue and orange pairs also going to the red and green in the NID. The confusing thing is that the brown pair I mentioned before going to the DSL splitter comes into the house and into a second four wire plug (looks like two twisted pairs, not flat phone line) that goes into a data plug in the back of my uverse router.

I dont currently have a land line (though we used to) and I dont know how to wire my phone patch panel in my home network panel. I know its confusing. Id like to bring in the line from ATT and punch it in to the patch panel for my phone lines and then plug my router into there. Is that possible?
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Lol I can't tell you who did that or what they were smoking when they did it, but that is totally f'n wrong!

That NID is broken. AT&T should come and replace it. It's theirs, so they should replace it for free. Tell them to install one with a DSL filter. That's number one.

Number two, that little piece with the orange tag hanging off it (which is not a DSL filter) - THAT is supposed to be your demarcation point, NOT the jack inside. The red and green wires coming out of that are supposed to be going to the nuts where the telco's blue pair lands (what is now connected to the green pair going inside).

I have no clue why the hell it goes inside then comes outside, then goes inside again. Only thing I can think of is some previous owner dropped Bell for a VoIP service, and did that to keep it running through there for some unknown reason. You will NEVER see a telco guy twisting wires together like that. Splices are made with P-nut crimps or something similar.

As for the other three pairs being connected to a data port on the router.... There should be nothing 'data' running back out to that box. I can't think of any logical explanation for why it is doing that.

What you should do:

- Disconnect everything.

- Connect the red and green to the posts where the blue and white come in from the telco. (blue goes to red, white goes to green)

- Connect blue and white from the cable to the inside to the red and green screws on that little plug module.

- Wrap the green/orange/brown pairs back around the cable jacket for future use.

- Inside: Punch down the blue and white wires to the DSL jack and plug in the DSL modem

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