How to move Verizon FIOS ONT service box?

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How to move Verizon FIOS ONT service box?

I realize this is a long shot, but I am hoping a Verizon tech might read this board...

I had Verizon come and move the ONT box in my basement (not the cable box, but the optical network service box mounted on the wall). It is in an area that I am finishing and I had him move it to my workshop.

They wound up replacing it with a new unit, but he put it one stud over from where I asked him to, and I want to move it 16" to the next stud. I have plenty of slack wire for the move, I just need to know how hard it will be to get to the screws mounting it to the wall.

The box is off-white and in 2 parts, one of top of the other. The top box, when opened, has a battery (about 4"x4"x3") and what looks like a power converter. When I remove the battery I can see two mounting screws and this appears to be it for this box.

The box below has a door that is held shut with a bolt. When I remove the bolt and open the door, I just see another wall of plastic and a few wires. It looks like I need to remove the top box to open this section.

Anyone have experience with this ONT box and can tell me how it mounts to the wall and how hard it will be to move it without damaging anything?
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Sorry..... I've taken the two piece units apart but never the "all in one" types.

The two piece ones require a "can" wrench. It has 3/8" on one end and 7/16" on the other end. The sizes are SAE but the wall is very thin to fit into the recesses where they have the bolts on the ONT's.

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I have FiOS but it has three separate "boxes"; the fiber optic terminal (ONT) outside at present, a battery back-up unit inside and a 48 volt DC power supply also inside. Or more exactly, that is the way that the Verizon tech installed it.

I have since removed the two inside units and now have the ONT powered by my own multi-voltage power supply with battery back up that also serves the router, telephone VoIP adapter and power for an Ethernet switch if it becomes necessary. One of these days (hopefully this summer) I will be digging up the fiber optic cable and running it through a conduit between the street vault and my house. Then I will mount the ONT inside.

If you could post a few pictures of what you have I might be able to offer some assistance. Pictures with the doors and/covers removed would be best.

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